4019 Twin Rivers Trail
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The Story Of Twin Rivers

The ambition behind Twin Rivers was to recreate that old-fashion Florida atmosphere in a modern, beautiful estate with all of the amenities you’d expect from a state-of-the-art community. The perfect spot was found between the banks of Gamble Creek and the Manatee River: an area that had the space necessary to allow for spacious homes and plenty of privacy without disturbing the ecosystem of the area.

Creating Twin Rivers involved five years of cautious planning and permitting – always aiming to find the ideal balance between modern convenience and that indescribable traditional Florida feel we all know and love.

Today, Twin Rivers encompasses a full 1800 acres of farmland, pastures, and wetlands, much of which stretches alongside the beautiful Manatee River and Gamble Creek. In an effort to preserve the natural beauty of the area, hundreds of these acres were left undisturbed after their purchase, while others have been enhanced to create areas of adventure, recreation, and fun for our residents.

About the Developer

CounTreeWide Realty, Inc. has worked behind the scenes for many years now to turn the dream of the Twin Rivers community into a living, breathing reality. We have forty years of experience in this industry, having developed many exclusive residential and commercial properties throughout Florida’s Central West Coast.

Our area of expertise is in creating family communities across Manatee County, making us the ideal developer to tackle the exciting project of Twin Rivers.

Careful planning has been at the forefront of this project since day one. It was crucial to developer Larry D’Urso and the entire CounTreeWide Realty team that the precious environment surrounding Twin Rivers was preserved and protected throughout the entire process. There’s a reason that an indigenous Floridian tree is central to our logo and brand: it’s an essential aspect of our business ethos.

Our expertise in balancing the aesthetics and natural beauty of the land itself with the development and planning of unique homes with plenty of space for large backyards, generous areas between each household, and the preservation of nature are seen clearly across the community of Twin Rivers.

You can see the evidence of the effort and unique work of CounTreeWide Realty, Inc. in the hundreds of loyal customers who have come back to buy second or even third homes in our communities – either to live in themselves or purchased as investment properties to generate a secure income for years to come.

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